About us

American General Real Estate is founded by Richard Osborne, the real estate that provide service to investors and retail buyer. He has founded this American General Real Estate to make deal for investors and retail buyers and get them under a assignable contract for a assignment fee. We do co wholesaling and co wholesaling is where we bring a buyer and you have the deals. If our buyer closes on the deal and there is a $10,000 fee in there, we split the fee with you. It is the same way if you bring a buyer to one of our deals. If we make #10,000, we would pay you $5,000 and we would make $5,000. We will look at the deals that meet our criteria and then we would love to run the numbers on it.

Why should you work with us?

You pay no closing costs or commissions. – Sell the property “as-is”, no repairs, no clean-up. – Everything handled confidentially. – We can close fast and hassle-free. – Get a cash offer in 48 hours. – We handle all the paperwork. 

We deal with Wholesale properties in South Eastern Michigan Area

We do co wholesaling in Monroe, Flat Rock, Woodhaven, Rockwood, Trenton, Brownstown, Taylor, Southgate, Dearborn, Detroit, Romulus, Belleville, Westland, Canton, Ann Arbor, and Ypsilanti Michigan. We are looking to expand in the up coming future.